Wednesday, October 7, 2015 10 am to 1 pm

Parque La Guira, Los Palacios, Pinar del Rio


  • Temas Magazine
  • Center for the Study of Management, Local Development and Tourism (GEDELTUR) of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Pinar del Rio
  • Project “Socially Responsible Enterprise and Local Development in Cuba” (SRELDC)
  • Havanada Consulting

Topic Presentation

International tourism is experiencing a strong growth, most notably in the arrival of U.S. citizens since the new travel regulations were announced last December 17. The industry constitutes a dynamic sector for foreign operators and investors along with Cuban enterprises, state and non-state, throughout the value chain for tourist services. Cuban entities in the sector, headed by the Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR), must confront this rise with development strategies connected integrally with the other participants of the economy and society. The urgency to increase hotel and complementary hosting infrastructure, transportation, public services, communications, banking, and others will require investment, construction and the use of natural resources.

How will all this impact the environment and local communities, their social, economic, environmental and cultural sustainability as well as their national cultural identity? How can the country strengthen communities’ social and cultural values before the avalanche?

How can the contribution to local development be maximized, and this opportunity benefit an emergent social and solidarity economy?

How can standards, guidelines, and a set of practical indicators help stimulate social responsibility and sustainability in the planning and management of tourism?

According to the Cape Town Declaration (2002), formulated at the conclusion of an international meeting that studied the subject from a global perspective, the principal mission of responsible tourism is to minimize negative impacts of tourism and maximize benefits for the local population and businesses by involving them in management of the tourist destination.

This forum will debate the subject of tourism in Cuba from the perspectives of sustainability and social responsibility that generate a set of challenges and opportunities within the space of singular beauty and conditions for health and nature tourism that is Pinar del Rio.


  • Dr. C. Freddy Ramirez Hernandez, Professor GEDELTUR, General Coordinator of the tourist Route of Tobacco, Founder of the Community of Las Terrazas.
  • Dr. C. Erwin Aguirre, Specialist from the headquarters of development of the Ministry of Tourism.
  • Maidolys Iglesias Perez, Sociologist from the Master Plan of the Office of the Historian of Havana, Coordinator of the project “ Friends of the Patrimony”.
  • Gail Reed, Coordinator of MEDICC.
  • Moderator: Rafael Betancourt, Member of the editorial Board of Temas and consultant with Havanada Consulting.