“They are small things. They don’t end poverty, they don’t lift us from underdevelopment, they don’t socialize the means of production nor of exchange, nor do they expropriate the caves of Ali Baba. But, perhaps, they unchain the joy of doing, and translate into actions. And when all is said and done, taking action in the real world and changing it, despite the little that change may be, is the only way to prove reality is transformable”.

– Eduardo Galeano

Our Perspective on Social Enterprise and Our Role

Our mission is to strengthen cooperation between socially responsible enterprises throughout the Americas and help create new ones where possible. Our firm was founded upon the principle that socially responsible companies can and do provide good, sustainable business solutions while reducing marginalization for those with limited opportunities to achieve their full potential.

Our strategy encompasses a broad view of which types of enterprises constitute genuine elements of a social economy. These entities may include cooperatives, B corporations, social enterprises with clear and proven missions, and in some cases, the socially responsible programs of large corporations. For us, ongoing, demonstrable responsible actions are more valid indicators of impact than ownership structures per se.

Sol Economics recognizes a rich and diverse set of multiple terms that describe and define social economy experimentation throughout the hemisphere and worldwide. Each name carries with it, specific perspectives and characteristics. No universally recognized terms yet exist to define and unify basic concepts.

Some of the most common designations are:

  • Alternative Economy
  • Community Wealth Building
  • New Economy
  • Popular Economy
  • Social Economy
  • Social and Popular Economy
  • Social and Solidarity Economy
  • Solidarity Economy

In fully respecting differing visions of social economics, we seek to find common ground and build bridges between practitioners. It is our belief that only the multiplication and leverage of related actions can result in authentic change of the scale needed to truly impact “business as usual” economies.

We also premise our action on the belief that government, at all levels, must play a vital role in supporting new economy efforts, if they are to succeed. In addition to smart regulation, public policy is crucial in helping to nurture the economic ecosystem necessary for flourishing sustainable enterprise.

Within the framework of the above stated principles, we look forward to working with social entrepreneurs collectively and individually, social investors, mission driven non-profit organizations, and social impact investors.

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