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“Introductory Guide to Cooperatives in Cuba”

Publication Basics

Cooperatives, agricultural and urban, are indisputably playing a critical role in Cuba’s development as the nation updates its economic model. 5,500 cooperatives are currently operating on the island, with the likelihood of hundreds more being formed in the next 2 – 3 years. Right now, a crucial experiment is underway to see whether urban cooperatives can fill a widening employment gap; whether they can expand vital customer services; and whether they will help distribute wealth equitably, while decentralizing enterprise management and control.

For these reasons, one of the best ways to help Cuba become more productive is to support strategies that contribute to the advancement of cooperatives. One crucial activity is the timely publication of a much needed, practically oriented “Introductory Guide to Cooperatives in Cuba” for current and future cooperative members. This guide is written entirely by Cubans for Cubans. Formatted in an attractive manner, its 62 pages of hands-on writing are easy to read. The manual provides a straightforward, comprehensive body of information for establishing, operating and managing cooperatives in Cuban. Its authors are recognized as leading coop advocates, some of whom advise the Cuban government in this area.

Funds are urgently needed for printing and disseminating this guide given a scarcity of resources available in Cuba for this purpose. Your contribution, no matter what size, will increase the number of guides that can be supplied to an enthusiastic audience.

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