This two-part feature by Julia Sagebien and Eric Leenson seeks to answer an important, yet often-overlooked question: How can Cuba achieve an optimum balance between business competitiveness, economic well-being, and the preservation of long-held social values, while also building Cuban sustainability? Part one, titled “Five Sectors Ready to Go,” explores the different ways in which 1) sustainable tourism, 2) organic agricultural exports, 3) renewable energy, 4) coastal zone development (tourism, ports, waste management, fishing, urban development, etc.), and 5) mining can be developed to fit this policy goal. Part two explores two possible paths forward for Cuba’s reindustrialization. The first option is a path of nineteenth-century-style industrialization, manufacturing and niche exports, while option two involves a path to high worker wages, renewable energy, and sustainable science and production methods.

Source: Center for Democracy in the Americas

Originally published on March 2-3, 2016